TV Series

  • For God's SakeFor God's Sake

    A feisty musical comedy, in the most un-military military base there is.

    Sigalit Liphshitz, Shalom Hager
    2022 | 330 min.

  • Tangled RootsTangled Roots

    A brief televised guide to the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-on
    2020 | min.

  • The Missing FileThe Missing File

    A missing persons investigation of a young boy who has disappeared, a briefcase filled with explosives that is placed near a kindergarten, and a murder that takes places without no one ever knowing about. These events revolve around one detective who doesn't necessarily see everything he should, but whose "blindness" is precisely what will lead him to the truth.

    Oded Davidoff, Erez Kav-El, Dror Mishani, Noam Kaplan
    2019 | min.

  • One Last Bedtime StoryOne Last Bedtime Story


    Anat Zeltser
    2017 | 55 min.

  • The AccursedThe Accursed

    The Accursed is a five-part series created by Hagai Levi. Through a combination of documentary footage and reenactments, the series follows four Israeli iconic artists: Author Pinchas Sadeh, philosopher Moshe Kroy, poet Yona Wallach, and artist Aviva Uri.The fifth and final episode is a documentary featuring Hagai Levi revealing his 3 years creative- working process on the series.

    Hagai Levi
    2014 | 300 min.