As Themselves

By Michal Cohen

80 min.

The story of Tziporela, an exceptional group of actors composed of ten soulmates who create an independent, personal and kicking theater together.

Project Info

Script: Michal cohen
Producers: Yoav Roeh & Aurit Zamir
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: Hebrew, English
Partners: IBA, Mifal HaPais ,The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
Broadcasters: IBA


Photography: Michal Cohen, Talia (tulik) Galon
Editing: Asaf Lapid
Director: Michal Cohen
Colorist: Dima Lidov




The story of Tziporela, a unique theater troupe of close friends who create hilarious virtuoso independent theater. They operate as a co-op unit in which the members write, direct, produce, act - and even sweep the stage after the show.

After conquering the Tel Aviv stages and achieving cult status, they aim to spread their creative collective method. Their dreams range from Off-Broadway to changing the face of Israeli theater. As time passes, the need to grow up and compromise puts their principles and aspirations to the test - and their friendship, too. Tziporela is the great experiment they staked everything on. It feels that as long as they're together, no dream is beyond reach.


EPOS International Art Film Festival 2017

מיכל כהן

מיכל כהן

ילידת ירושלים, בוגרת ביה"ס לקולנוע וטלוויזיה סם שפיגל. משנת 2002 עוסקת בעשייה דוקומנטרית ועלילתית כבמאית ועורכת.  בין עבודותיה כעורכת: סדרות הטלוויזיה "התסריטאי", "בלתי הפיך", "מטומטמת", "בטיפול", סרט הקולנוע "אדמה משוגעת". בין עבודותיה כבמאית סרט התעודה "חיים על הקצה". בימוי עריכה של סדרת הטלוויזיה "עבודה ערבית".

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