The Lab

By Yotam Feldman

60 min.

An investigative documentary revealing how the Israeli military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden.

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Project Info

Producers: Yoav Roeh & Aurit Zamir
Co-producers: Serge Kestemont – Luna Blue Films, Belgium; Frank Eskenazi – The Factory, France
Format: HD
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew
Sales: Cinephil
Partners: Noga communications / Makor film fund / France TV / RTBF / CNC
Broadcasters: Channel 8, R.T.B.F, France TV, CBC - Radio Canada
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Photography: Philippe Bellaiche
Editing: Tal Shefi, Ron Goldman
Original Music: Nicolas Fiszman
Soundtrack: Jean-Jacques Quinet, Damien Defays
Colorist: Benoit Delval




Since 9/11, the Israeli arms industries are doing bigger business than ever before. Large Israeli companies develop and test the vessels of future warfare, which is then sold worldwide by private Israeli agents, who manipulate a network of Israeli politicians and army commanders, while Israeli theoreticians explain to various foreign countries how to defeat civil and para-military resistance. All based on the extensive Israeli experience.

The film reveals The Lab, which has transformed the Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank from a burden to a marketable, highly profitable, national asset.


Best debut film, DocAviv 2013


Vision du Reel 2013, Switzerland

Best Debut Film, Docaviv 2013, Israel

San Francisco Jewish film festival 2013

Antenna Documentary film festival 2013, Sydney, Australia

Jewish film festival Melbourne 2013, Australia

Dok Leipzig, Germany 2014

Cinemed, Montpellier, France 2014

Traverse City, USA 2014



Yotam Feldman is a filmmaker and a journalist. He wrote at the weekend magazine of "Haaretz" - a leading in depth newspaper in Israel. Conducted interviews with ex-army-generals Shimon Naveh and Zvi Fogel; Leading intellectuals such as Antonio Negri and Shoshana Felman; Reported from the anti-globalisation demonstrations during the latest G-8 convention in Germany; Brought exclusive evidence and visual material from the recent uprise in Burma; Conducting a research about Israeli activity in Africa (In process(.

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