For God's Sake

By Sigalit Liphshitz, Shalom Hager

TV Series
330 min.

A feisty musical comedy, in the most un-military military base there is. Serving beside Kosher consultants, and corpse purificators, a group of young men is trying to deal with a crazy military rabbi who wants to shut down their choir.

For God's Sake poster

Project Info

Producers: Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir
Co-producers: Matan Gaida
Language: Hebrew
Broadcasters: Kan 11


Nachumie: Naveh Tzur
Elhanan Vizner: Aki Avni
Gidi: Ilai Chapman
Mendy Pe'er: Nathan Datner
Fredy: Ben Yosipovich
Dudi: Asaf Hertz
Langental: Daniel Moreshet
Slava: Tal Rogachov
Shira: Yasmin Ayoun
Pninit: Tamuz Levi
Golan: Ofir Boaz
Druke: Eli Gorenstein
Bardugo: Albert Iluz
Hamotal: Liron Ben Shlush
Effi: Yael Tal
Yanki: Ido Mosseri


Casting: Maya Kessel
Photography: Itzik Portal
Editing: Michal Cohen
Original Music: Nadav Rubinstein, Ran Bagno
Art Director: Ido Dolev
Costume Designer: Bat Hen Pur
Line Producer: Terry Dicker Levy
Makeup Artist: Hila Elkayam
Musical Direction: Yuval Stupel
Script editor: Nadav Ben Simon
Post production: Efrat Fox




An Israeli musical comedy centered on the military rabbinate choir. Their mission is to perform in front of the units and raise the armys' spirit. But the choir hasn't been performing lately, not in front of soldiers and even not at their favorite event: The International Bible Contest.

Nachuime has always dreamed of being the choir's soloist. He's been there a long time and has the needed motivation. His motivation is named Pninit. Although she wanted a paratrooper boyfriend. But if not a paratrooper, at least a soloist.

But dreams don't always come true.

Mandy, the choir's commander, gives the solo to Dudi, an ultra-orthodox YouTube star, who gyrates like Elvis. He believes that with him they could land a gig and maybe even be invited back to perform at the International Bible Contest.

But General Elhanan Vizner, who jumped on a grenade to save his soldiers and lived, has one clear mission, to restore the military rabbinate's honor, meaning: shut down the non-functioning choir.

The war between those forces unites the choir and brings a new pure voice no one has heard yet. A voice that may bring the choir even to the International Bible Contest.

"For God's Sake" is a feisty musical comedy, in the most un-military military base there is.

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