The Future

By Noam Kaplan

80 min.

A world-renowned profiler has a mission to profile a young Palestinian woman who assassinated the Israeli Minister of Space and Tourism.  From their intensive conversations emerge neglected personal wounds.

The Future poster

Project Info

Script: Noam Kaplan
Producers: Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir
Co-producers: Matan Gaida
Language: Hebrew, Arabic
Sales: Intra Movies


Dr. Nurit Bloch: Reymonde Amsellem
Yafa Jarrar: Samar Qupty
Maor: Dar Zuzovsky
Tikva: Aviva Ger
Halida: Salwa Nakkara


Casting: Maya Kessel
Photography: Shark De Mayo
Editing: Effi Cohen Vertes
Original Music: David Klemes
Art Director: Ido Dolev
Costume Designer: Rachel Ben Dahan




At 42 Dr. Bloch, a profiler, wants a child. A future. Her only way is to find a surrogate mother. At the same time her groundbreaking algorithm designed to identify individuals planning to carry out terror attacks fails and a young Palestinian woman assassinates the Israeli minister of Space and Tourism. In order to ‘fix the bugs’ in her algorithm, Nurit faces the assassin in person. The sessions between these two brilliant women raise questions about their past, while the sessions between Bloch and the potential surrogate challenges Bloch’s decision about her future.


Tribeca Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection

Noam Kaplan

Noam Kaplan

Noam Kaplan is an honorary graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film School. Upon graduation, selected for Residence du Festival de Cannes program. His first feature length film, MANPOWER, premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and locally at the Haifa International Film Festival, earning the FEDEORA Special Mention Award. It was then theatrically distributed in Israel to acclaimed reviews.

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