By Aurit Zamir

25 min.

Eilat is 17 years old, and almost alone. One evening she goes on a standard babysitting job, but the events which take place leave her stranded between childhood and womanhood.

Babysitter poster

Project Info

Script: Aurit Zamir
Producers: Yoav Roeh
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Partners: Gesher Film Fund, Makor Film Fund, Israel Lottery


Eilat: Noam Lugasy
Adam: Uriah Horesh
Shirley: Yael Eitan
Shaked: Oriel Aviv
Lianne: Mika Harrari
Social worker: Salit Achi-Miriam


Casting: Esther Kling
Photography: Shai Goldman
Editing: Amit Ginton
Original Music: Ayelet Gabay
Soundtrack: Erez Eyni-Shavit
Art Director: Carmela Sanderson
Costume Designer: Chen Carmi
Colorist: Ido Karilla




When Eilat, 17, discovers she is pregnant, she knows she can’t keep the baby- she herself feels like a lost child. Still, the idea of someone of her own to love tugs at her heart. The film depicts one summer night at Eilat’s babysitting job, during which motherhood, childhood and girlhood manifest themselves in confusing ways. Babysitter looks at the darker moments of adolescence with an unflinching stare. 


Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival- Best Director, Grand Prize

Haifa Film Festival- Best Short Film



Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival, USA 2016

Chelsea Film Festival, NYC, 2016

Haifa Film Festival, ISRAEL, 2016

Stockholm Film Festival, SWEDEN, 2016

Atlanta Film Festival, USA 2017

Aurit Zamir

Aurit Zamir

Aurit Zamir graduated with special honors from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem in 2002. Her graduate film, “800 Calories”, was screened internationally and won several prizes. She is currently developing the feature film “Catch” with development funds from the Israel Film Fund.  Since graduation Aurit produced the feature films “Manpower”, "The Lab" and “Off White Lies”, among others. She has served as a jury member at Docaviv, and as a reader for the Israel Film Fund.

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