By Ruthy Pribar

90 min.
In production

Asia is 35-years-old. She has her whole life ahead of her. Her only daughter Vika is just 17, and she's dying. Vika's worsening condition forces Asia to finally accept her motherhood and to take responsibility - first for Vika's life, and eventually for her death.

Project Info

Script: Ruthy Pribar
Producers: Yoav Roeh and Aurit Zamir
Language: Hebrew
Partners: The Israeli Film Fund
Broadcasters: Yes



Asia (35) is a settled immigrant and single mother to 17-year-old Vika. Having become a mother at an early age, Asia finds it hard to relate to her motherhood and has a fairly distant relationship with Vika. Their relationship is strained even more due to the fact that Vika has been long diagnosed with an incurable, degenerative disease. Every passing day brings her one step closer to death.

Asia and Vika go through life as if nothing’s wrong. Asia concentrates on her job as a nurse and divides her time between shifts and patients, nighttime partying and an unsatisfying affair with a doctor from her ward. Vika spends most of her time at the neighborhood skate-park where she drinks and smokes with her friends instead of going to school. But when Vika's illness starts rapidly showing its signs, Asia and Vika have no choice but to face reality.

Asia devotes herself to caring for Vika but is unable to understand what Vika really needs. Instead, Asia constantly searches for solutions to Vika's problem - first medical and practical solutions, then emotional. Out of desperation Asia even looks for a young man for Vika to lose her virginity with, because she believes this is what Vika wants. Asia fails to understand Vika and what she, as a mother, can give her.

Out of the deepest abysses finally comes understanding. Asia finds consolation in being able to share Vika's life, brief as it may be. Despite all the suffering and torment, Asia and Vika manage to share moments full of life, love and hope until the inevitable end.

Director - Ruthy Pribar

Director - Ruthy Pribar

Born in Beer-Sheva, Israel in 1982. Ruthy graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film School in 2012. During her studies she received a scholarship from “The America-Israel Cultural foundation” for promising director. Her diploma Film "Last Calls" was screened and awarded at numerous festivals including Montreal, Créteil and Biarritz.  Alongside her work as a film director, Ruthy works as an editor on both fiction and documentary films. She is currently developing her first feature film "ASIA", supported by the Israel Film Fund and participating in the prestigious "Residence du Festival" - Cannes Film Festival residency program.

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