Our Projects

  • No Shade in the DesertNo Shade in the Desert

    When Ori bumps into Anna in Tel Aviv, he feels that he has found the woman who will save his life , who will save him from his life. She denies they had a love...

    Director and Writer: Yossi Aviram
    2023 | Fiction | 102 min. | Released

  • The FutureThe Future

    A world-renowned profiler has a mission to profile a young Palestinian woman who assassinated the Israeli Minister of Space and Tourism. From their intensive...

    Director and Writer: Noam Kaplan
    2023 | Fiction | 80 min. | Released

  • DelegationDelegation

    Three childhood friends are excited to take part in the ultimate coming-of-age experience for the Israeli youth - a high-school trip to the Holocaust sites in...

    Director and Writer: Asaf Saban
    2023 | Fiction | 95 min. | Released

  • Two Kids a Day Two Kids a Day

    On average, two Palestinian kids are arrested every night by the Israeli army. They are interrogated, tried, and sent to prison. TWO KIDS A DAY describes the...

    Director and Writer: David Wachsmann
    2022 | Documentary | 70 min. | In production

  • For God's SakeFor God's Sake

    A feisty musical comedy, in the most un-military military base there is. Serving beside Kosher consultants, and corpse purificators, a group of young men is...

    Director: Sigalit Liphshitz, Shalom Hager
    2022 | TV Series | 330 min. | Released

  • AsiaAsia

    Asia is the single mother of 17-year-old Vika. Vika's deteriorating health urges Asia to finally find her voice as a mother and to embrace and cherish their...

    Director: Ruthy Pribar
    2020 | Fiction | 85 min. | Released

    Tribeca Film Festival 2020 - Winner of 3 Awards! Nora Ephron award, Best actress award, Best...

  • Tangled RootsTangled Roots

    A brief televised guide to the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A succinct, lucid summary and concise presentation of its basic concepts and...

    Director: Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-on
    2020 | TV Series | 6X30 min. | Released

  • The Missing FileThe Missing File

    A missing persons investigation of a young boy who has disappeared, a briefcase filled with explosives that is placed near a kindergarten, and a murder that...

    Created by: Oded Davidoff, Erez Kav-El, Dror Mishani, Noam Kaplan
    2019 | TV Series | 8X33 min. | Released

  • The Rabbi from HezbollahThe Rabbi from Hezbollah

    Who would believe that Avraham Sinai, an ultra-Orthodox Jew living in Israel, is Ibrahim Yassin - one of Israel's top international agents and spies - a...

    Director: Itamar Chen
    2019 | Documentary | 64 min. | Released

  • Neighbors Neighbors

    After moving away and living in a Moshav for years, director Shay Levi returns to Rehovot, the city where he grew up, trading orchards and greenhouses for an...

    Director: Shay Levi
    2018 | Documentary | 70 min. | Released

  • The TestamentThe Testament

    Yoel, a meticulous historian leading a significant debate against holocaust deniers, discovers that his mother carries a false identity. A mystery about a man...

    Director: Amichai Greenberg
    2017 | Fiction | 93 min. | Released

    פרס הסרט הישראלי הטוב ביותר - פסטיבל הסרטים הבינלאומי ה-34 חיפה Venice Film Festival- Orizzonti...

  • One Last Bedtime StoryOne Last Bedtime Story

    A journey into Israeli children's literature. Writers read from their books and those they read as children, delving into the experiences behind them. The...

    Director: Anat Zeltser
    2017 | TV Series | 55 min. | Released

  • ArmedArmed

    Three young Jewish settler women live on West Bank hills, surrounded by disowned Palestinians, with constant tension between their femininity and the weapons...

    Director: Ayelet Bechar
    2017 | Web Content | 63 min. | Released

  • As ThemselvesAs Themselves

    The story of Tziporela, an exceptional group of actors composed of ten soulmates who create an independent, personal and kicking theater together.

    Director: Michal Cohen
    2017 | Documentary | 80 min. | Released

  • BabysitterBabysitter

    Eilat is 17 years old, and almost alone. One evening she goes on a standard babysitting job, but the events which take place leave her stranded between...

    Director: Aurit Zamir
    2016 | Fiction | 25 min. | Released

    Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival- Best Director, Grand Prize Haifa Film Festival- Best Short Film

  • Third PersonThird Person

    Suzan isn’t either-or. Suzan isn’t both. Not quite male, not quite female. Suzan was born with male genitals and reproductive organs. Suzan was born with...

    Director: Sharon Luzon
    2015 | Documentary | 54 min. | Released

  • ManpowerManpower

    Immigration police officer Meir, returns from a tour to Buchenwald concentration camp ,a prize for decorated policemen, to a brutal deportation of African...

    Director: Noam Kaplan
    2014 | Fiction | 88 min. | Released

    FEDEORA federation of film critics of Europe and the Mediterranean competition – Special mention

  • The AccursedThe Accursed

    The Accursed is a five-part series created by Hagai Levi. Through a combination of documentary footage and reenactments, the series follows four Israeli iconic...

    Director: Hagai Levi
    2014 | TV Series | 300 min. | Released

  • The LabThe Lab

    An investigative documentary revealing how the Israeli military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden.

    Director: Yotam Feldman
    2013 | Documentary | 60 min. | Released

    Best debut film, DocAviv 2013

  • Night ShiftNight Shift

    Rafi is the only cop in an Ethiopian ghetto in Israel. An Ethiopian-Israeli himself, he is considered a traitor by some and the only trusted soul by others...

    Director: Itamar Chen
    2013 | Documentary | 50 min. | Released

  • FriendsFriends

    “Friends” depicts the accidental and wondrous creation of the film and the transformation of director Regev Contes from a loner into one of the chief social...

    Director: Regev Contes
    2012 | Documentary | 50 min. | Released

  • Off White LiesOff White Lies

    A poignant comedy about a teenager who returns to Israel to get to know her eccentric father, who is currently “between apartments.” As war in Lebanon begins,...

    Director: Maya Kenig
    2011 | Fiction | 86 min. | Released

    Best Actor, Jerusalem Film Festival 2011 - Gur BentwichSpecial Jury Prize - Annonay Festival...

  • MamaMama

    Three Israeli sisters travel to China in search of their mother who has disappeared.

    Director: Bettina Fainstein - Dor
    2010 | Documentary | 60 min. | Released

  • Long DistanceLong Distance

    Telephone calls between migrant workers in Israel and their loved ones, left overseas.

    Director: Amikam Goldman
    2009 | Documentary | 60 min. | Released

    Award D'argent- Fipa Biarritz 2010. Young Jury Prize- Fipa Biarritz 2010. Best Cinematography - Doc...